Turning Life On

By Keeping Tech in Check.

Turning Life On unites, informs and empowers community-based support groups who care about healthy technology use by our children.

Parenting in the digital age is overwhelming and parents need support and access to information to make the best choices for their families. At Turning Life On, we realize that all communities are different and that a coalition of parents is more effective than a single voice. Our goal is to bring local parents together so they can effectuate positive change in their families and in their communities.

Unite. Inform. Empower.

re·spect * /rəˈspekt/ - due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Our resources are extensive and intended to inform many different communities on the possible risks and impacts of technology. Our suggestions are meant to be comprehensive in an effort to empower communities to create and adopt informed, healthy, and appropriate societal norms to ensure kids are using technology safely. We don’t expect that you’ll follow every suggestion. But we do expect that you’ll RESPECT parents who do and also parents who don’t. Our goal is not to tell parents how to parent but simply to unite, inform and empower communities to make their own choices around healthy tech use.


We unite parents:

  • with a locally-based, public promise to delay giving a smartphone to your child until at least eighth grade in an effort to alleviate the social pressure to have a smartphone for parents and for kids.  

  • with an option to publicly support and join your local TLO community to promote healthy and safe technology use even if you are unable or unwilling to make the promise.

  • with a subscription option so you can privately join your local TLO community and stay informed.




Communities in Massachusetts and beyond have joined our movement to learn more and make more informed decisions about healthy technology use.




Parents in our local communities have made a promise to delay smartphone ownership for their children until at least 8th grade.




Top professionals in medical, mental health, education and research support our mission to inform parents with the best information available regarding technology use.



We inform parents:

  • with access to extensive resources on our website.

  • through closed Facebook, Google and other online chat groups for parents within our communities.

  • through our active Twitter and Facebook feeds to share the latest research and news.

  • through a private group for our community champions to share ideas.

  • by planning and promoting technology-relevant local events.

  • through book recommendations.

  • with research and suggestions from our partners.



We strive to curate the very best, research-based information about technology use in an easy-to-access database. Keep reading…


From parent roundtables to speaking engagements, we are active participants in and promoters of events that bring parents together to learn more about healthy technology use. Learn more…


Our partners represent professionals in the fields of healthcare, technology and education and they are committed to healthy and balanced technology use by our children. See who’s who…


Based on our continued research and conversations with parents and professionals, our blog offers real strategies and suggestions for managing technology. Keep reading…



“Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice.”

Anton Chekhov

We empower parents:

  • through our community-based support groups.

  • through the option of a public promise to delay smartphone ownership until at least 8th grade.

  • with information to effectuate change in your own communities.

  • through our partnerships with professionals in the medical, research, academic and technology fields. 

Giving Our Children the Gift of a Heads-up, Hands-free Childhood

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Our communities bring together local parents and leaders who care about healthy and safe technology use by our children. Through these communities, we can support each other by sharing information, resources and our best tips to help our kids manage technology instead of technology managing them. Together we can effectuate positive change around technology use by children.


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Our communities bring all parents together in a supportive and respectful environment, whether you are simply looking for information or a coalition of parents to delay smartphones.

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