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Screen-Free Week

Concord Promise and Turning Life On are psyched to partner with many local organizations to help keep kids busy over Screen-Free Week (SFW) and beyond.

What is Screen-Free Week? From April 29-May 5, kids and families are encouraged to unplug and avoid using screens except for school-related work.

Why? A healthy childhood depends on a surprising thing: play! Through creative play, kids explore their physical world, build their curiosity, and expand their imaginations. But often, time spent on ad-supported screens displaces the kind of creative play kids need to thrive.

During Screen-Free Week, kids and families can unplug and reconnect with the world around them. An hour that was once dedicated to TV can become an hour of make-believe, art, reading, or enjoying nature. Both parents and kids can use this week to reconsider the value of screen-based entertainment in their lives and establish year-round screen-free habits.

SFW gives families and communities an opportunity to come together and connect with each other. 

Who’s in? Our partners include The Toy Shop of Concord, Be Well Be Here, Gymnastics Academy of Boston, The Concord Museum, Discovery Museum, the Concord Free Library and deCordova Museum.

What can you expect? Events, discounted or free admission, talks and get togethers.

Screen-Free Events over SFW:

As always, we are psyched to partner with the Toy Shop of Concord who will be awarding Concord Elementary Students who stay screen-free with a $5 off toward $10 purchase. Click here for the form and rules.

Sunday, 4/28 from 1-4:30pm - Little Women 150th Anniversary Celebration at Alcott Orchard House. Outdoor celebration is free. For more information, visit the Alcott Orchard House website.

Tuesday, from 4/30 10-10:30 - Join us for songs, stories, rhymes, and play at the Fowler Library. This interactive program is perfect for busy families and will help develop the early literacy skills that your child needs. CONTACT: Stephanie Rivera  or 978-318-3350

Tuesday, 4/30 from 10-11am - Dress your Stuffed Animal at the Discovery Museum. Free with admission. Learn more on the Discovery Museum website.

Wednesday, 5/1 from 11:45-12:45pm - Free GAB Preschool Open Gym / Play. To register, click here.

Friday, 5/3 from 7-8:30pm - Free GAB Friday Night Open Gym. Registration required. To register, click here.

Saturday, 5/4 from 10-12pm - The Concord Museum has developed a program just for SFW! Slow-down and consider the world around you, notice overlooked details, and make connections.  Journaling can be your family’s invitation to creative expression, new thoughts, and broader perspectives. For more information and to register, visit the Concord Museum Website.

Saturday, 5/4 from 2-3:30pm - The Concord Free Public Library. As human beings, we all need time for free, unscheduled moments. What happens to our bodies and minds when we do or don’t experience them? How can we make room for free time in our busy lives? Join Be Well Be Here founder, Lara Wilson, to discuss simple ways to tap into Free Time: The Source of Your Force. Try some creative games and mindful wellness practices that honor your way in the world, relieve anxiety, and lead to confident self-expression. Learn how these methods of accessing your flow state – or “the zone” – boosts the force that already exists within you. Grade 7-10. Click here to register.

Sunday, 5/4 from 1-4pm - $10/person, $20/family ($15 for materials) - Family Nature Skills Festival at the Umbrella. Spend the afternoon learning to start a fire by friction, whittle sticks, make crafts and tools with natural materials. Learn how to see the forest through an animal’s eyes and move with stealth; listen to and identify birds; and learn about wild edibles. To register, visit the Umbrella website.

Events added and updated regularly. Stay tuned as we finalize details but mark your calendar!

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