TLO Lincoln Promise

Turning Life On By Keeping Tech In Check

TLO Lincoln Promise brings together community members, parents, and leaders in Lincoln who care about healthy and safe technology use by our children. It is a support platform for those raising kids in the rapidly-changing and challenging world of digital media.

TLO Lincoln Promise encourages parents to delay giving smartphones (with unrestricted internet and social media) to their children until 8th grade, if not beyond. The Promise’s objective is to reduce, if not eliminate, the social pressure to have a smartphone. This community-based support platform will unite parents with a public promise so parents can see who else is on board, kids won’t feel so alone, and waiting won’t seem so hard!

The core mission of Turning Life On - By Keeping Tech In Check is to support, educate and partner with community members. Through this platform, we will support ALL Lincoln parents - whether families choose to delay or not - through educational events, research articles, and sharing tips with one another to help our children manage technology instead of technology managing them.

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Public Promise Members by Child’s Year of Graduation: Parents listed as Promise Members have taken a public promise to delay giving their child a smartphone until at least 8th grade as smartphones easily provide access to the Internet, social media and gaming. Our public promise helps to reduce the social pressure to have a smartphone by making smartphones the exception, not the rule.

Public Supporters: Healthy and safe technology use is about more than just smartphones in middle school. That’s why we support all parents. Members listed as “Supporters” publicly support and join our community even though they are unable to make the promise at this time (perhaps children have “aged-out”).

Private Supporters: Private Supporters will be added to our mailing list and will have access to our local closed discussion groups but will not be publicly listed on our website.

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TLO Lincoln is about supporting parents through educational opportunities and partnerships with community leaders. To get more involved or to be a local partner, contact Please also complete this form so we have your info!