TLO Winchester

Our community brings together local parents and leaders who care about healthy and safe technology use by our children. Through this community, we can support each other by sharing information, resources and our best tips to help our kids manage technology instead of technology managing them. Together we can effectuate positive change around technology use by children.

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A Message from Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community 

The Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community is excited to partner with Turning Life On (TLO), an online platform that unites, informs and empowers community-based support groups of local parents and professionals who care about healthy technology use by our children. The new initiative will be called TLO Winchester

The goal of TLO Winchester is to unite our community around healthy approaches to the digital and virtual worlds in which our kids live, learn, and play, creating a village of support with real-life friends and neighbors. TLO Winchester will help our youth foster interpersonal skills and connections made through time spent with friends & family and protect them from some of the harms of screen time. We have three levels of participation (see below); please join us at whatever level fits your family's choices. We know not everyone feels like they can make a promise for something several years off. 

Questions? Please contact the Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community at  

There are three ways to join TLO Winchester:

Public Promise Members: Parents listed as Promise Members have taken a public promise to delay giving their child a smartphone until at least 8th grade as smartphones easily provide access to the Internet, social media and gaming. Our public promise helps to reduce the social pressure to have a smartphone by making smartphones the exception, not the rule.

Public Supporter: Healthy and safe technology use is about more than just smartphones in middle school. That’s why we support all parents. Members listed as “Supporters” publicly support and join our community even though they are unable or unwilling to make the promise at this time (perhaps your child has “aged out” or you are a grandparent).

Private Supporter: Private Supporters will be added to our mailing list and will have access to our local closed discussion groups but will not be publicly listed on our website.

If you are interested in becoming more involved, please choose “Yes! Sign me up to be a champion” on the form.

To join TLO Winchester, please complete this form.

TLO Winchester is about supporting parents through educational opportunities and partnerships with community leaders. To get more involved or to be a local partner, contact Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community at Prospective partners, please also complete this form so we have your info!

*We add names manually so sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to see your name on the list. If your name is missing, misspelled or mis-listed, just reach out! We are human and we make mistakes.*


The following parents in Our community are committed to healthy technology use by our children.




Stacey Meyer


Akari Dollard


Akari Dollard


Akari Dollard


Akari Dollard


Jessica Fefferman

Justine Romanus

Susan Wiseman

Maura Sullivan

Christa Russo